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Wellpoint Community

Positioning statement: “WELLPOINT COMMUNITY represents a wellness prototype concept, designed for conscious consumers, disrupters, pioneers, trailblazers and biohackers of all ages. Our residential campus and its integrated kit of parts revolutionizes how local populations live, work, play and create—as they grow and age well together. Here, wellness meets medical excellence, technology meets open innovation, functional fitness meets main street and east finally merges with west.

Wellpoint also builds bridges to the wider local community by honoring place and enabling generations to connect in a collaborative work/play environment, forging a healthier, naturally inspired way of life.”

Wellpoint, the parent brand, encompasses four distinct sub-communities, each with a different niche. We created a comprehensive family of brands and a flexible design approach that could be adapted and customized for each segment. 

Since their ideal residents are defined as much by personality and way of embracing life as anything else, these materials could not look like your typical senior community. To communicate this at a glance, we used a palette of blues and greens in a vibrant, always-changing pattern with photos showing a non-traditional audience. 

Writing/creative direction: Sharon Rapoport

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