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Interim Healthcare

Creative director and writer Sharon Rapoport wrote the following for our creative presentation of these digital and print ads:

FIRST | Experience + Quality

Throughout the history of marketing, there are a few things that are considered timelessly effective in terms of a positioning, and one of them is being able to say ‘first’. Now that we are able to confirm that we were the first home care company in the nation, we can meaningfully strengthen our experience story to really stand out in the category. The best part about saying ‘first’ is that it automatically becomes a quality message, as well. In this concept, we tie the idea that we are first to whatever is important to each audience by using word play on well-known phrases. In so doing, the headlines always have the word ‘first’ to reinforce the overall positioning. The use of split images is also a nice transition from the ‘then & now ‘campaign. In the beginning, we use stock photos but over time it would be nice to use real employees and people for these that we would shoot ourselves. 

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