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This luxury brand was a leader in the spa linen industry. Because so many spa clients wanted to bring the luxury home, Comphy needed help to prepare for the consumer market. 

Sharon Rapoport, writer and creative director, led the creative team on a whole new branding effort, complete with logo refresh, all new print collateral materials, and a brand new e-commerce website. 

That’s when “Developed for Spa, Designed for Ahh” was born.

Through all new photography that combines the elegance of a luxury product with the ‘comfy’ soft touch, the new brand is meant to feel approachably upscale, invitingly tactile, and friendly. The use of fun headlines to highlight the benefits of softness and sustainability helped to create a new voice for the brand.

Once the brand was launched to the home consumer, we helped Comphy expand their branding, maintain and update their website, develop compelling email marketing and social media content, and build up their spa and hospitality markets as well. Over the years, we created and updated packaging and print brochures, marketed a line of sleep products, and more. Most of the copy was written by Sharon, but I also wrote for the brand. 

whether you need help with a one-time project or are wanting a long-term partner in your branding efforts, I'd love to talk about options with you. If you don't see what you think you're looking for, let's talk anyway—each project I do is custom-built for that client, industry, and situation, and I'd love to create something new just for you.